Cornwall. You might never leave the UK again

There’s something quite spiritual about simply packing a bag and setting off in search of adventure. No need to book tickets, dig out dog-eared passports or get a jab. Our traverses across the UK have taken us to many places. But Cornwall has that addictive blend of chill and adventure that keeps us going back for more.

The sea

The water is all things here. It’s said that back in the day young Cornish men had the choice of two careers - mining or fishing. While times have thankfully moved on (see the next section on independents) the sea remains a vital source of sustenance for locals and tourists alike. Cornwall is a seafood paradise with a wonderful ocean-to-table ethos.

From work to play, there’s almost no end to the fun you can have on, in or around the sea. Surfing is an obvious choice (we suggest you book a lesson with the excellent Global Boarders if you’re a newbie). And no beach car park would be complete without the sound of Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUPs) being pumped up. For something a bit different, grab a sea kayak and explore your favourite part of this beautiful coast from a different perspective. You’ll most likely spot hidden caves and secret beaches galore. And maybe even a friendly seal or two.

The diversity of the landscape

There’s really no words to describe that feeling when, surrounded by lush green fields with the sun beating down from the clear blue sky above, you turn a corner to discover a pristine stretch of white sand below you, surf-board crested waves crashing in. Maybe it could be defined as bliss. Or anticipation. Or even better ‘that Cornwall feeling’. Because Cornwall is where this magical moment in time appears the most often for us.

The independents

Any given High Street offers a plethora of options for breakfast, coffee, brunch, lunch, ice cream, tea, dinner, supper, drinks and any other occasion you wish to mark in between. The produce is generally locally sourced and always absolutely delicious. Surf shops (Ann’s Cottage being the most well-known), artist’s boutiques and multiple other independent enterprises dotted between the eateries show a county proud of its heritage and a passion for preserving its future. 

Away from the town centres, you have local experts who offer products and services that are absolutely Cornish. Scramble over rocks in Falmouth for a fishing lesson off the coast. Take a foraging class through hedgerows and onto beaches. You can even craft your own wooden surfboard with the guys at Otter Surfboards. There’s so much knowledge in this amazing place. You just need to scratch beneath the surface.

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