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Who is Matthew Robertson?

Some would say a maverick! Maybe…I seem to thrive in the wilderness, always seeking the path less travelled and the next adventure.

I’m without question, incredibly grateful to be living my dream of working in the wilderness. I’ve now been exploring remote places around the world for over 30 years. From scaling hidden summits in South America, to exploring with witch doctors in the rain forests of Southern Africa, to adventures across Jordan’s remote deserts with the Beduin.

With this unique wilderness experience, I founded my bespoke adventure travel company over two decades ago. Looking after clients such as Gwyneth Paltrow to Royal families.

Alongside this, I founded an award-winning production company that specialises in filming for brands wanting to create content in dramatic environments. I’ve been humbled to talk to kids about the power and happiness the wilderness can bring. Writing for magazines, presenting and producing for TV and commercially.

My belief is we are all carbon, we are ultimately from the earth and nature is just part of our DNA. The wilderness is my soulmate, always there, happy to listen, selfless and abundant.

A place where I find true joy and peace.

Whilst I live in the heart of the British countryside, my heart belongs to the wild.

Matthew Robertson


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